Thursday, January 15, 2009

A few changes around here

I've been reading a ton of cooking blogs lately, and decided that I should use some of the features of the ones that I really enjoy.  Some of the changes that I'm planning to make:

1) more pictures.  I definitely enjoy seeing pictures of other people's food, so it can't hurt to include pictures of mine.  Unfortunately this means that I'm going to have to delete the non-food pictures that I put up on Picasa over the last couple of years because I won't have space for both.  I haven't been taking many other pictures lately, but when I do I'll try to put them up on another site that won't compete with this blog for storage.

2) including recipes.  I include most of the links for my recipe inspirations, but I like blogs that reproduce the actual recipes (giving credit to the source, of course).

3) giving each dish its own post.  This means more updates, but hopefully it will make it more readable.  And hey, most of them deserve their own space!

I would love to hear more ideas about how to make this better, so feel free to leave any comments.

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