Sunday, September 20, 2009

CSA round-up week 7 and a farm tour!!

CSA round-up week 7
Before we get to the really exciting part, here's the usual recap of my CSA creations.  I started with kale, corn, watermelon, eggplant, muskmelon, husk cherries, heirloom tomatoes, and green beans.  I'm guessing that one of these things stands out to you.  What are husk cherries??  Well, they look like baby tomatillos (and are related), but have a sweet and slightly tart taste that is somewhat reminiscent of pineapple and coconut.  They can be cooked, but I snacked on mine until they were gone.  I also quickly ate the watermelon and muskmelon.  Seriously, don't leave me alone with a melon.  The muskmelon was gone in about 20 min.  I never make anything adventurous with green beans because they're so amazing when they're simply drizzled with olive oil and roasted, and that's what happened to these.  I threw the kale into some soup that was far from blogworthy (and barely edible).  But here's what happened to the rest:

corn sauteed with zucchini and heirloom tomato salsa atop a pink potato

The eggplant and the rest of the tomatoes went into ratatouille:

And now for the exciting part!  Every year Titus Farms invites all of its CSA members out to the main farm for a tour and tomato tasting.  Even though I had way too much to do, I couldn't miss this.  They have four farms, so we didn't get to see everything, but here are a few highlights:


I resisted the urge to pick this eggpplant

Yummy cabbage :)

Kale, of course.  There were many jokes among the CSA members about the insane amounts of greens that we've received and finding ways to hide them in various recipes.

Delicious raspberries!  They let us pick as many as we wanted, and I certainly took advantage of it.

My favorite activity was the heirloom tomato tasting.  They had 17 varieties for us to try, and we voted on our favorite, least favorite, the "most tomato-like", and prettiest.  I gave all of them a fair shot, but nothing beats green zebras in my opinion.  I also enjoyed the Giant Belgiums, and voted that they had the most classic tomato taste. 
heirloom tomato tasting


Psychgrad said...

Look at those beautiful veggies! Love the tomato testing -- I wish I knew more about the different varieties.

Tasty Eats At Home said...

Hooray for farm tours! Everything looks so yummy!

Katie said...

Psychgrad - The tomato testing was so much fun! I heard today that green zebras were the overall favorite, so I guess I'm not alone. I still don't know much about the other varieties and have to ask almost every week.

Alta - Isn't this a great idea? I'm sad that I won't be around for the tour (or this CSA) next year.