Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crock pot applesauce recipe

crock pot applesauce
Last week I decided that I needed to plan something fun during the weekend so that I would be able to keep myself motivated.  I don't know that most people would think that apple picking is the ultimate reward for working yourself to death, but I'm not your typical person.  This is my last fall in Michigan, and I have to take advantage of one of the best parts of living in this state.  I found an apple picking buddy, too, so apparently I'm not the only "different" one :).

gala apples on the tree at Country Mill Orchards

I took the parents picking in August, but there weren't many varieties available that early in the season.  This time they had gala (pictured above), empire, courtland, and jonathan varieties, and I came home with a mix of all of them (and quite a few in my stomach).  Before we even arrived at the orchard, I knew that I wanted to make applesauce. 

Weekend Herb BloggingApplesauce isn't very difficult to make on the stove, but I love the crock pot method because it allows me to throw the apples in the crock, go for a run, eat dinner, work on applications, and then have an amazing dessert ready at the end of the evening.  A few weeks ago I had some applesauce at Zingerman's, and it was fantastic.  By pure coincidence, this tasted almost exactly the same.  I guess that's what happens when you rely solely on the unadulterated apple flavors.  This is so simple, yet perfect.  I prefer leaving the peel on, too, because it gives the sauce a fabulous color and provides a little bit of texture.  I enjoyed it warm, but it's also good cold.  You could throw cinnamon or honey in if you want, but I'm having trouble adding anything else because it's so good by itself.  I'm already planning to make more of this to freeze, and I also want to make more with different varieties as they come into season.  Hmmm... I wonder how many times I can go picking this year.  I'm submitting this dish to Weekend Herb Blogging, which is organized by Haalo from Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once, and is hosted by Graziana from Erbe in cucina this week.

Crock pot applesauce (adapted from "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook" by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann)
(Printable version)

20 small to medium apples (ideally use a variety), cored and quartered
juice of half lemon

Toss apples in lemon juice in a large crock pot (I used a 5 1/2 qt one).  Cook on low for 5 to 6 hours.  Mash apples with a potato masher or ricer and try not to eat the entire crock of applesauce.  Makes about 6 cups.


Graziana said...

Uhm... maybe I have to buy a crock pot...
Thank you for sharing your recipe with WHB

Sippity Sup said...

love this!! GREG

Tasty Eats At Home said...

Mmm, applesauce! I wish I could go apple picking. Not that many apples in Texas, really. I could make pear-sauce though...hmm.

Katie said...

Graziana - I highly recommend it - it makes life so much easier when you want to cook but don't have much time! Thanks again for hosting WHB!!

SS - Thanks!

Alta - I bet pear sauce would be great! I might try that this year. I'll probably be moving to the south next year (although probably not as far as Texas), and I will definitely miss the apple picking. I might have to make a trip back to MI every fall to see friends and stock up on apples.

Bonnie said...

this looks amazing !
i'm wondering if you would be willing to tell me how you add the 'printer version' to your post ? i'd love to be able to do that ...

Katie said...

Bonnie - I'm glad you like the applesauce recipe!

I use the method that I saw on Food Blogger Alliance: