Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CSA round-up weeks 9 and 10

CSA share week 9
I realize that last time I did a CSA round-up, it sounded like it was my final share.  I really meant 'last' as in previous, not final.  But, this post does wrap up the end of my CSA.  Several weeks ago I picked up share #9, and selected corn, spinach, potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, dino kale, leeks, and cabbage.  It's so strange seeing tomatoes and corn right now, and hard to believe that I was enjoying them just a few weeks ago.

 The corn, tomatoes, and kale went into a spaghetti squash recipe:
 recipe for spaghetti squash with black beans, corn, and kale

I used the leeks, potatoes, and cabbage to make another batch of cabbage, potato, and sausage soup (I told you I loved it).  I ate the spinach and green peppers in several salads.

CSA share week 10
I received my final share early because of my trip to Chicago last week, and came home with sweet potatoes, eggplant, peppers, carrots, broccoli, leeks, brussels sprouts, and cabbage.  I ate the carrots for a snack, roasted the brussels sprouts, and sauteed the eggplant with a bunch of other veggies.

I used the cabbage to make one of my favorite (and perhaps the simplest) veggie dish: roasted cabbage
recipe for roasted cabbage

The sweet potatoes, which were some of the best that I've ever eaten, were roasted with white potatoes and butternut squash:
recipe for roasted with white potatoes and butternut squash

And finally, I baked a few chicken breasts with leeks and peppers:
chicken breasts with leeks and peppers

It's really sad that my experience with Titus Farms is over.  If I were planning to live in Michigan next year, I would sign up again in a heartbeat.  They are planning to have a winter CSA next year, and I'm jealous of everyone who will be able to enjoy even more of their delicious produce.  I just hope that I'll have good CSA options wherever I end up next year.  Did anyone else have a great first CSA experience?


Castal said...

I love my CSA here in New Mexico. It runs year round, thanks to greenhouses and supplemental produce from the surrounding area, and the three of us in the house normally manage to slay the boxes in a week (just in time to get another one). I can't grow much here on my rental, and what I do grow is nothing like what I can get from the CSA...and I like the organization too! Win-win situation. If I ever am somewhere where there is no CSA I will be really sad, so I am going to enjoy it while I have it!

p.s. ours here is Los Poblanos Organics--they also have stuff that I can add to the weekly box (eggs, sometimes meat, some fruit).

mangocheeks said...

Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy lovely edible surprises when you sign up for your new CSA box.

I used to have a veg box delivered to my home, but cancelled when I got an allotment plot and started to grow my own. I am always on the hunt for seasonal recipes and your recipes do look quite inspiring.

PS Looking forward to participating in WHB.

Katie said...

Castal - Your CSA sounds great, and I'm jealous that it's year-round. I love the idea of adding things to the box, too, and I think that's becoming more popular (I've heard of ones that have fish, too). If I ever hear of anyone in the New Mexico area, I'll pass on the information.

mangocheeks - I had totally forgotten about allotment plots - thanks for reminding me! I thought about doing that this year, but was afraid that I wouldn't have time to spend taking care of it. I should have made it more of a priority, but maybe I'll look into something like this in the future (especially if my CSA options are limited).