Friday, December 19, 2008

Titus Farms CSA

Community Supported Agriculture has become more and more available, and I just signed up for a share for next summer and fall!  The basic premise is that you buy a share of a farm's output in advance and then you get a box of food every week (or in my case every other week).  There's a slight risk because you can't count on getting specific crops because the weather may screw things up, but most farms grow such a wide variety of veggies, fruits, and herbs that it's very likely that you'll get a whole lot of things even if they lose a few.  And they're usually very affordable; although it seems like a lot of money when you pay it at once, it's far less than you would pay for veggies at the grocery store.  Plus you get to support a local farm!

I chose to sign up for the Titus Farms CSA mainly because you can by a half share every other week.  I definitely can't use everything that comes in a whole share, and even a half share every week might be too much some weeks.  This way I won't feel overwhelmed with produce and can still make my weekly trips to the market to supplement my box with a few items that Titus may not grow.  I got to know the people at Titus this year, and they seem to be really nice people and have quality produce (I know that I've had their cabbage, potatoes, leeks, and peppers, and all were quite good).  Oh, and the other good thing about Titus is that you get to pick what's in your box each week.  So, if they have 15 kinds of things one week, you get to pick a certain amount of things so that you get what you want, while still getting to try new things.  I can't wait for June!

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