Quick/Easy Recipes

Here are a ton of recipes that take 30 min (give or take) to make.  Some of them use some pre-cooked ingredients (usually meat or rice), and some need to be made ahead of time but are quick and easy nonetheless.  Also check out my crock pot recipes for quick preparations.

**recipe is not gluten-free as is, but could easily be adapted

Main dishes with meat
Bison burgers with spinach and queso fresco
Braised bok choy with seared salmon
Broiled salmon with mushrooms and spinach
Butter bean and black-eyed pea succotash (with bacon)
Butter bean, butternut squash, and sausage pasta
Chile and cilantro stuffed tilapia**
Chipotle shrimp and zucchini
Gluten-free pasta with chicken, zucchini, and spinach
Greek plaki-style snapper and zucchini
Greek shrimp and tomatoes topped with feta
Hominy with shredded chicken and peppers
King Ranch chicken casserole (need pre-cooked chicken)
Maque choux with sausage
Millet, veggie, tofu, and sausage stir fry
Oat-crusted chicken
Salmon Algiers
Sausage and spinach with penne
Shrimp pad thai 
Spaghetti carbonara with broccoli
Thai cabbage salad with chicken (prepare ahead)
Thai green curry prawns
Thai green curry with chicken, green beans, and spinach
Tilapia with cornmeal chipotle crust
Thai fish curry with brown rice (need pre-cooked rice)  
Thai salmon, speckled butter beans, and the perfect brown rice (need pre-cooked rice)
Turkey ragu

Vegetarian main dishes
Asparagus and mushroom frittata
Bok choy with sesame and garlic tofu
Eggplant and summer squash frittata
Eggplant, ricotta, and walnut pasta (skip salting the eggplant)
Eggs diablo on polenta
Huevos rancheros
Indian skillet black-eyed peas
Lemongrass quinoa pilaf
Masa cakes with salsa verde
Okra, eggplant, and tomato curry over quinoa
Polenta with greens, eggs, and tomato sauce  
Roasted vegetables over pasta
Saag paneer or tofu
Spicy tofu with noodles and mushrooms
Spinach and mushroom enchiladas with tomatillo sauce
Stewed okra and tomato omelet
Sweet potato, black bean, and corn hash
Sweet potato, cauliflower, and bean saute
Swiss chard scramble
Yellow squash and black bean saute
Zucchini, mushroom, and kidney bean quesadillas

Brazilian shrimp soup
Butternut squash, kale, and bean soup
Curried lentil and swiss chard stew 
Hominy and bean chili
Miso soup with shiitakes and spinach 
Summer squash and zucchini soup 

Side dishes
Asparagus topped with sauteed mushrooms
Boiled carrots with North African spices 
Boiled green beans and purple potatoes
Braised cabbage with onions
Braised cauliflower with curry and yogurt
Braised turnips with mustard sauce
Broccoli and apple salad
Broiled tomatoes with parmesan
Cantaloupe, mozzarella, and mint salad
Chinese cabbage salad (prepare ahead)
Collard greens with bacon
Colorful black bean salad
Cooked onions and apples 
Cranberry chutney
Dijon mustard potato salad
Eggplant and cherry tomato saute (skip salting the eggplant)
Grilled romaine hearts
Jicama and orange salad (prepare ahead)
Kale and onion saute with soy sauce
Lighter potato salad with onions and garlic (prepare ahead)
Pan fried chickpea salad
Purple cabbage salad with carrots, almonds, and raisins
Red cabbage and apple salad (prepare ahead)
Roasted asparagus with peanut sauce
Roasted brussels sprouts with bacon and almonds
Rosemary and garlic roasted sweet potatoes
Saffron roasted cauliflower
Sauteed kale with garlic, cranberries, and parmesan
Sauteed swiss chard with raisins and pine nuts
Scented quinoa pilaf
Shredded brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar and pine nuts
Spicy spinach and tomato saute
Spinach with brown butter and pecans
Sweet and sour cabbage
Swiss chard two ways
Zucchini and almond saute
Zucchini, tomato, and kale saute

Asparagus and mushroom frittata 
Blueberry and fig smoothie
Eggplant and summer squash frittata
Gluten-free blueberry pancakes
Huevos rancheros
Stewed okra and tomato omelet
Swiss chard scramble
Teff blueberry pancakes
Teff porridge
Yogurt, flax, and berries

Avocado and bean dip
Blueberry and fig smoothie  
Easy vegetable dip
Hot spinach dip
Refrigerator pickles and banana peppers (prepare ahead)
Roasted chickpeas
White bean dip
Yogurt, flax, and berries

Grilled peaches
Strawberry gelatin and pudding (prepare ahead)
Yogurt, flax, and berries