Crock Pot/Slow Cooker Recipes

I love my crock pots, especially when I'm short on time.  I use them to make a big batch of porridge just about every week (see the mixed grain porridge recipe, but feel free to experiment with other grains).  Also, in addition to these recipes, I sometimes cook dried beans in my crock pots (it takes several hours, depending on the type of bean, on the high setting).  I recommend a medium sized crock pot (3-4 quarts) and a large one (5-6 quarts) so that you can make recipes of different sizes.

Crock pot millet and amaranth porridge
Crock pot mixed grain porridge
Crock pot oatmeal (with oat groats): sweet and savory 

Main dishes
Crock pot chicken and hominy stew
Crock pot chili with venison sausage
Crock pot curried red lentil, chickpea, and quinoa stew
Crock pot split pea, lentil, and sausage soup
Crock pot squash enchilada casserole 

Side dishes 
Crock pot applesauce
Crock pot napa cabbage with apples

Crock pot roasted summer vegetables

Slow cooked cabbage with apples and cinnamon